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Kona bikes all about the feel and movement of the bicycle. We have been in business since 1988. We still have the same founding owners. We’re still populated by a staff of keen, active and impassioned cyclists. We’re not big, nor are we that small. Just a dedicated group of cyclists making bicycles for people who love bikes – no matter if that love is new or long established.

Kona have continuously produced bikes since 1988 and are still run by the founding owners. If we had to pick one brand that truly prioritises frame and ride quality above all else it would be Kona. Kona bikes are extremely capable across the range. This is evident in the Process range. Process 153 can take your riding to another level, it’s so good that Kona’s World Cup downhill team use the bike to train on, and even race on certain tracks. Similarly when we had the Kona Hei-Hei machine in on demo, everybody felt it descended like an enduro machine whilst still climbing like and XC bike.

Kona’s ride quality is mostly thanks to their geometry. Short stems for stiff and quick handling mated with lengthy top tubes create long front to centre numbers, for confidence and stability at speed. Short chain-stays, maintain manoeuvrability in technical situations, and a low bottom bracket allows for a low centre of gravity as wells as benefitting cornering, jump-ability and overall bike stiffness

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Canadian bicycle brand Kona made their name producing some of the first mountain bikes. Kona bikes have made world championship winning downhill bikes as well as iconic freeride mtbs over the years. Today Kona bikes remain at the forefront of mountain bike innovation while also producing high performance road bikes, race winning cyclocross bikes. Kona have a wide range of hybrid bikes like the Dew, Ute and Paddy Wagon that showcase their cycling innovation.

Kona full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes like the Blast, Precept and Operator, deliver extremely capable XC, trail, enduro and downhill performance, as well as offering incredible value for money. It is no surprise that Kona MTBs are favoured by riders who know. Kona road bikes like the Zing, Rove and Roadhouse also feature innovative designs, especially with their rough road capabilities.

Kona is well known in the mountain bike world for their wide variety of bikes to take on all the various terrains of the world. From XC hardtails to downhill machines, they have a mountain bike for every passion and every type of riding. While Kona is well known in the mountain biking sector, they also offer many road bikes, cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes, and commuter-style bikes.

About The Brand Kona

Kona Bikes

Kona developed the first real Big-Bikes in the 90s’ that were full suspension bikes conceived for the use on the North Shore Trials and in the first bike parks.
What particular characterized this bikes was the 4-bar frame, which enabled much country lane for the first time without the rear getting “soft”.
Today Kona produces a wide range of bikes i.a. exotic constructions like load wheels but also cross and racing bicycles. Furthermore Kona is characterized by strong social commitment.

Kona facts

  • The base of Kona bikes is consistency
  • What matters is safety, stability and reliability
  • ´The best bicycles with the coolest ride in the universe!
  • Konas basic principles in the design are clearly:
    • good and balanced handling of super fast bikes
    • Konas 4-bar rear is one of the stablest and most sophisticated suspension systems worldwide
    • Use of the best materials and components as well as a strong design.

About the Kona brand store

In the Kona brand shop of HIBIKE you will find a total of 53 different products in worldwide shipping: Gravelbike, Frames replacement- / spare parts, Bikes trekking/city, Bikes MTB hardtail 29er, Bikes MTB full suspension 29er and more.

Kona Road Bikes

Built for speed, efficiency and practicality, Kona road bikes cover a wide range of cycling disciplines, especially the more adventurous type. With quirky names like the Zing, Penthouse and Honky Tonk Kona set themselves apart from other road bike brands by focusing on cycling innovation rather than following fashion.

With Carbon fibre, alloy and Steel framed bikes for road racing, sportives, gravel track riding and urban commuting Kona may well the road bike you have always dreamed of. A popular model is the Kona Rove with a lightweight, stiff and strong 6061 butted Aluminium frame, Shimano Claris components and smooth rolling WTB rims that wrapped in puncture proof Schwalbe tyres. All Kona road bikes are available to buy through 0% APR finance, so you can spread the cost and start pounding the pavement right away.

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